Ministries that our company is supporting...


Their mission is to rescue the forgotten and abandoned street children of Honduras. Psalm 9:18 states, "The needy will not always be forgotten, nor the hope of the afflicted perish forever." Our mission involves encountering these children on the streets of the cities and providing them with food, shelter, clothing and medical attention in the short term.

Furthermore, their mission is to nurture, disciple, educate and provide vocational training for these street children in the long term. The goal of their mission is to share the love and hope that is found in knowing Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

ENGAGING PEOPLE OF FAITH TO EMPOWER HOMELESS FAMILIES Partnering with faith houses and community organizations, they assist families in the Montgomery County Area to transition from homelessness to stability and independence through compassionate guidance, shelter and education.

The mission of CGM is to glorify God by being instrumental in redeeming impoverished and under-resourced communities through spiritual and community development.

Landmark LLC is a tool that is used for the Glory of God, and is based on strong Christian principles like honesty, and integrity, along with high moral value.  The lighthouse symbol in the Landmark logo, is to proclaim that this company will develop projects out of a biblical calling as spoken in Matthew 5:14 where we read that we are “to let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your father in heaven”.  He is light that shines out of our “lighthouse”  for all to see. This company should be the lighthouse for all those we come in contact with, and also for those who see our actions from afar.  Also in our logo, is the most important symbol, which is the cross, on both sides of the name.  This is to remind us that Jesus died for our salvation and also for us to have abundant life.  Whoever believes in him will have eternal life!


Below are a few of the ways that Landmark helps to shine Jesus’ light.  Please click on their logo to find out more about these local and international missions that are used to minister to others.

The mission of our church is to make, empower and send out fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

Jorge Espinosa


Bringing a “hope and a future” to the people of La Moskitia, Honduras- focusing on forgotten children, community outreach, and prison ministry. “It has been a crazy journey so far, but I am excited for whatever His plans are for the future of our family, ministry, and La Moskitia. “







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Started in 2011, Water282 is an organization that exists to connect people with villages in Africa that are in need of clean water.  We have seen first-hand how bad the water crisis really is in these villages, and how desperately these villages need clean water.  We have also seen the transformation that takes place when villages get water.  Kids stop dying at alarming rates.  Ladies stop wasting up to 6 hours a day fetching clean water.  Kids stop dropping out of school at age 8, so that can help carry water.  Farming starts happening year around, thanks to irrigation.  Lifespans are increased.  Deaths and sickness are decreased.  There is hope.  Knowing how much difference such a relatively small investment can make has spurred us on to do something to change the world. We believe in the power of small groups to make a giant difference to entire communities on the other side of the world. But we don’t just collect money to dig a well. We partner a specific village with a specific group of people in the US. We believe in the power of story to connect the two groups. The organization will get to know the villagers and the village that they will be helping. It’s not a faceless village somewhere in some country. It’s a specific village with real people and exact GPS coordinates, that they will meet through video and pictures. We know that people don’t want to give their money to a faceless group doing some water project somewhere in the world. Basically we exist to establish that connection and give people a chance to change the world in a way that they KNOW who they are helping and the difference it is making.