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Landmark Construction and Development LLC was started by Bradley N Pemberton (see attached RESUME) in January 2007 in an office on Carmichael Road in Montgomery, Alabama.  The company was started so that clients could receive a quality product with special attention shown to the details, and a relationship built on honesty and integrity.  After 7 years, Bradley decided to close the construction company in order to concentrate on other interests. 

Bradley has a passion for building quality relationships with quality buildings due in part to growing up in the construction / real estate business.  From the age of 15, working as a laborer in the field for his father’s company, to his B.S. in Building Science at Auburn University, he has always known he wanted to be a part of the construction industry.

Bradley has over 17 years of full time experience in this field.  Much of his experience came from lump sum bid work.  “In the public works bid market, the only number that matters to the owner is the bid amount, if you want to continue to survive in the bid market, you had better learn to get low quality quotes from your subcontractors and keep your overhead and profit low”, says Bradley about his days of estimating for Pemberton Inc.  Bradley believes this kind of experience is invaluable to having the right mindset when pricing projects, no matter who the owner is.  “They (Pemberton Inc.) have not been in business for over 34 years because they overbid projects.  The way to stay in business is do safe, quality work for a reasonable fee in a reasonable time”.

During his time at Pemberton Inc., Bradley worked as an estimator, scheduler, and overall project manager for all jobs under his direct control.  Residential projects ranged from random repair work around someone’s house to new house construction of 5,500 sf turn key from the ground up.  His commercial experience ranges from $10,000 gymnasium renovations to $200,000 office renovations to $1,000,000 church additions / renovations and a $2,500,000 new church campus relocation .  His largest commercial construction project from the ground up was 1 contract that consisted of 5 new schools in Montgomery County, worth over $5,500,000 and had to be completed in 12 months for the kids to start class on time the following fall.  Bradley managed all 5 projects and finished this project safely and on time for the Montgomery County Board of Education.

During his time at Pemberton Inc., Bradley also helped develop, lease, and manage office, retail and storage facilities for themselves and others. The last project he helped develop, was 100 year old building in downtown Wetumpka that was being rehabbed, updated and renovated to house retail space on the ground floor and office suites on the 2nd floor.

In the meantime, he also leased and managed personal property that he has kept to date.   Click on Rental Property to see what property may be currently available.

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